Friday, July 25, 2014

Jokes About Criminality of Corrections: John Oliver (HBO)

Finally, comedians make jokes about America's high incarceration rate and brutality prisoners endure. See "John Oliver: Prison (HBO)" on YouTube at and embedded below. I thought of doing stand-up about the murders my brother, Larry Neal, and other mentally ill prisoners, who comprise 1.25 million of the nation's inmates. Some corrections officers and police love abusing and killing mentally ill Americans, and there seems to be no inclination on the Justice Department's part to adress these crimes. There is seldom any prosecution and almost no convictions related to police violence and brutality by corrections officers. The HBO video is a Legal Victory for exposing of the commercialization of punishment in the USA. Congratulations, John Oliver and HBO.

MORE COMEDIANS SHOULD EXPOSE PRISON TORTURE. There is no end to the tragedies that would provide original material, but taking prisoner torture and wrongful deaths mainstream may help bring an end where there is no end in sight.
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