Friday, May 24, 2013

Chaplain Klingenschmitt announced legal victories for Christians

Chaplain Klingenschmitt announced legal victories for Christians to pray publicly in Jesus' name. See him report the victories in the State of Washington in a video entitled "The Pray In Jesus Name Show - Episode 0039 - Chaplain Klingenschmitt" at YouTube

We thank God for this victory for free speech and religious freedom. Chaplain Klingenschmitt went through quite a battle and made sacrifices in order to pray in Jesus' name, which is what the Bible requires all Christians to do. Read about his personal battle to pray in Jesus' name as a chaplain in the military in this article: "Criminalizing Christianity: We Are All James Klingenschmitt"
We at "Legal Victories" solute Chaplain Klingenschmitt and congratulate him and those who support religious freedom for Christians and all others in the United States of America. 

It is very challenging to report legal victories regarding religious freedom and opposition to the death penalty. I found that the video above had been set to begin after the initial 17 minutes, which means people who choose to play the video embedded above would not hear about the legal victory in Washington State. Thank you, stalkers, if you allow the video to start at its beginning. God respects everyone's right to be atheists, agnostics, or to serve another god, and so does MaryLovesJustice. But it is wrong to suppress Americans' freedom of press, free speech, and right to religious freedom. Thank you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Charges Dropped Against Kiera Wilmot

LEGAL VICTORY! "Charges dropped against Florida teen over amateur science experiment"

Florida prosecutors lost this battle in the court of public opinion. Maggie Gilman launched a petition that gave the public the opportunity to express its outrage over a high school student being charged with felonies and expelled from school over a science experiment that blew the top off a water bottle.

“Even though I don’t have the privilege of knowing Kiera Wilmot, I believe we all have the responsibility to stand up with one another whenever there is injustice, and felt I had to do whatever I could to make sure the unjust felony charges were dropped,” said Maggie Gilman, the creator of [a very successful] petition, in a statement circulated by “I’m very thankful to the 195,000 people who stood with Kiera and signed the petition on!”

Dropping the charges against Kiera got a big nudge on May 8 when implied that the Assistant Attorney for Florida was prejudice. NewsOne reported:

"Attorney Who Advised Kiera Be Charged With Felony, Drops Charges In White Teen’s Fatal Case Days Later"

Assistant State Attorney Tammy Glotfelty, who advised Officer Gregory Rhoden to charge 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot with a felony, has some explaining to do. Just days after doling out a stiff charge for Kiera, Glotfelty decided not to bring any charges against White 13-year-old Taylor Richardson, who mistakenly killed his younger brother with a BB gun, because she deemed his case was a “tragic accident.”

"OH, NO! A black child did an experiment that blew the top off a water bottle! Arrest her! Expel her! Throw her in the cell with Marissa Alexander for 20 years, the woman who fired a warning shot! We've got to have more female prison slaves! We have work orders to fill!" Not this time, Florida.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Overview of "Legal Victories" Venture

This writer and advocate for human and civil rights was recently interviewed on "Civil Alert" Blogtalkradio show about "Legal Victories," my new venture that has a blog at as well as a social network presence at Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Attorneys, paralegals and all my online friends are invited to join and post links and videos about legal victories from bygone years or current successes. I hope "Legal Victories" will help build optimism about victory over violence and oppression through the legal system and that it inspires greater determination in officers of the court to deserve the People's confidence. My interview begins at the 10-minute point on the tape archived May 15, available in Blogtalkradio's archives and accessible at this link

My articles ordinarily enjoy a wide audience of advocates for various human rights concerns and many people who need legal services for civil and criminal cases. Law firms are invited to submit reports about recent legal victories for possible publication to Publishing victories does not constitute an endorsement by "Legal Victories." However, legal consumers recognize that attorneys who win for their clients, and prosecutors who win righteous cases for the People, have proved themselves to be conscientious legal professionals. Space for full page ads and public service announcements is also available.

Thank you for your interest in justice for ALL. (Two(2) links are in this article.) Enjoy reading about three recent legal victories that follow this introductory page. CELEBRATE with prosecutors who successfully defended newborns' right to life and nailed abortionist Emitt Gosnell for first degree murder; U.S. attorneys who issued a Consent Decree to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Meridian, Mississippi; and wrongful death attorneys who won a significant verdict against Culver City, California after police officers shot an unarmed, surrendered robber, Lejoy Grissom, a father of four. The Supreme Court of Mississippi is congratulated on the "Civil Alert" radio show for issuing a stay of execution for Willie Manning, who faced capital punishment on May 7, 2013, with requests for DNA testing denied. Thank you legal professionals!

I am founder and director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), a human and civil rights organization that advocates online to decriminalize mental illness, end capital punishment, mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, racial and class discrimination in the justice system, and erosion of Americans' civil rights, especially the First Amendment. Incredible events brought me into human rights advocacy. I relayed the tale in thousands of emails, articles, blogs, and videos. There are thousands of people in a similar situation. Perhaps "Legal Victories" will help attorneys and clients find each other. I also reveal the events during radio interviews but have yet to find ethical legal representation, not because of any lack of credible attorneys, but because my telephone calls and online communication are illegally monitored and sometimes prevented. A two-part radio interview is available at these links: "Rev. Harris and Dr. Kennedy Interview Mary Neal Part 2" … Part 1 … Incredible nonfiction!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cameron and Pescatore Nailed Gosnell

"Are you human?" prosecutor Ed Cameron snarled during closing arguments as Gosnell sat calmly at the defense table. "To med these women up and stick knives in the backs of babies?"

The grisly details came out more than two years ago during an investigation of prescription drug trafficking at Gosnell's clinic in an impoverished section of West Philadelphia. (Source: Fox News)

Prosecutors Edward Cameron and Joanne Pescatore

After-birth abortions are murders in the first degree! Thank you, prosecutors, for successfully defending newborns' right to life. Carol Tobias, of National Right to Life, feels that this verdict also protects all babies who could have survived outside the womb.

Kermit Gosnell Guilty Of
First-Degree Murder

“Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder for severing the necks of just-born babies, but those babies would have died just as painfully if he had killed them inside the womb, as most late-term abortionists do," National Right to Life President Carol Tobias said. "The result is the same for the baby whether it meets its end in a shabby clinic like Gosnell's or a brand new Planned Parenthood facility -- a painful death."

Kermit Gosnell

Planned Parenthood, which had earlier supported Gosnell, dumped him. The article says, "Planned Parenthood applauded the verdict on Monday, saying in a statement that "The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes."

Maafa21, a documentary movie about black genocide, is embedded below and at YouTube (drag the browser over to begin after six(6) minutes).

Celebrating this Legal Victory with prosecutors Edward Cameron and Joanne Pescatore!

Read more:


Meridian, MS School-to-Prison Pipeline Closed

On March 22, 2013, the United States Department of Justice issued a Consent Decree to prevent and address racial discrimination in school discipline in Meridian, Mississippi. published the legal victory, and reported in part:

It’s a big day for the small city of Meridian, Mississippi, home to one of the nation’s most notorious school-to-prison pipeline systems. This morning the Department of Justice filed a consent decree with the Meridian Public School District to address its school discipline practices which not only were ushering kids into jail for the lightest of infractions—including wearing the
wrong color socks or showing up to school without a belt on—but also singling out black students for the harshest treatment.

“Today, together with the school district and private plaintiffs in the case we are filing a proposed consent decree that addresses claims of racial discrimination in student discipline in Meridian County schools,” said Jocelyn Samuels, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. “As part of efforts to enforce a longstanding desegregation decree we investigated complaints that the district implemented a harsh and punitive discipline policy that resulted in the disproportionate suspension, expulsion and school-based arrest of black students in Meridian public schools.”

See an excerpt from the Consent Decree below:

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Friday, March 22, 2013

Justice Department Files Consent Decree to Prevent and Address Racial Discrimination in Student Discipline in Meridian, Miss.
The Justice Department announced that, jointly with the Meridian Public School District in Meridian, Miss., and private plaintiffs, it has filed a landmark consent decree to prevent and address racial discrimination in student discipline in district schools. If approved by the court, the proposed consent decree will resolve the department’s investigation into complaints that the district unlawfully and disproportionately subjects black students to suspension, expulsion and school-based arrest, often for minor infractions. In the course of the investigation, the department found that black students frequently received harsher disciplinary consequences, including longer suspensions, than white students for comparable misbehavior, even where the students were at the same school, were of similar ages, and had similar disciplinary histories. The consent decree would amend a longstanding federal school desegregation decree enforced by the United States, which prohibits the district from discriminating against students based on race.
“The American dream is rooted in education. In Meridian, that dream has long been delayed by discipline practices that deny students access to education,” said Jocelyn Samuels, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “We commend the Meridian Public School District for taking this huge step toward ensuring that its schools are safe and welcoming to all students and that education is a road to success instead of a pipeline to prison.”

Continue reading at 

Mary Loves Justice

Grissom Case: Attorneys Win $8.8 million

Matthew McNicholas, Esq. defended one of the four children left without a father when Lejoy Grissom, 27, was murdered by police in Culver City, CA. Attorneys won an $8.8 million verdict on May 9, 2013. Congratulations, Mr.McNicholas and other plaintiffs' attorneys!

Recent news reports say that Micheal Brown's blood was found inside Officer Wilson's car and on his gun. These reports lend credence to Wilson's statement that Brown fought him inside the police car. NOTHING that Brown did or did not do excuses the execution of the surrendered subject. Police have no right to shoot surrendered suspects like Lejoy Grissom or Michael Brown.

Grissom was fleeing from the scene of a robbery when he was chased by police and surrendered, yet cops executed him. Like Micheal Brown, Grissom had his hands up and fingers spread, but he was shot to death anyway. Luckily, there were witnesses to Grissom's execution.

Frances Prizzia, a defense attorney who said she was standing outside a nearby doughnut shop at the time of the incident, told the Associated Press that Grissom had his hands raised when he was shot.

Like most police officers, Culver City police made excuses for Grissom's murder. Culver City police said Grissom was reaching for his waist and they thought he would draw a gun. But the witnesses' statements contradicted the police account.

"He had his hands up the whole time, fingers open," Prizzia said. "There was no way he was reaching for anything.

"He absolutely did not move his hands," she said. "The only time he moved was when he reverberated from the bullets."

Report about the winning verdict

Early report about Grissom's death 

Mr. McNicholas' website is at this link:

McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP.
Trial Attorneys, Advocates, Counselors

Attorneys who do civil rights law and wrongful death cases are invited to email me about your victories at

I had to read seven newspaper articles about the Grissom victory before I was able to find one that listed one of the attorneys by name. People are seeking lawyers who will really fight for their clients. There's no better introduction to the public than a huge victory! Get yours recognized by potential clients in my new blog, "Legal Victories" at

This article about Lejoy Grissom was updated on October 19, 2014, to show its similarity to the Micheal Brown murder.