Saturday, July 2, 2016

Britton Mosley, Sr. and John Fancher: Fabricating Evidence II, by MDOC Whistleblowers

It is a Legal Victory when police and corrections officers report corruption in their workplaces. Tonight, two corrections whistleblowers and authors will be guests on Human Rights Demand channel at Blogtalkradio at 10pmEST

Guests include a former prison warden, John “Jimmy” Fancher, and a former correctional captain, Britton Mosley, Sr. The men co-authored "Fabricating Evidence II: Office of the Attorney General/ Mississippi Department of Corrections Integrity Meltdown," exposing prisoner abuse and corruption inside the Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Attorney General's office.

Fancher and Mosley were targeted for retaliation after Fancher refused to accept bribes from former MDOC commissioner, Christopher Epps. Their careers were idestroyed because they refused to participate in corrupt behavior. Corrections staff conspired with inmates to have Fancher and Mosley criminalized by using fabricated evidence. If attempts to wrongfully convict these former prison officials had been successful, two more innocent men would be imprisoned at taxpayers' expense. Fortunately, inmates showed more integrity than MDOC officials and warned Mosley and Fancher about the scheme. Mosley said, "Fabricating Evidence II should be ground-zero for a reforming Mississippi's correctional system."

Mosley also joined us when he published his first book, "Fabricating Evidence I." Both books are available through Amazon. 

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