Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grissom Case: Attorneys Win $8.8 million

Matthew McNicholas, Esq. defended one of the four children left without a father when Lejoy Grissom, 27, was murdered by police in Culver City, CA. Attorneys won an $8.8 million verdict on May 9, 2013. Congratulations, Mr.McNicholas and other plaintiffs' attorneys!

Recent news reports say that Micheal Brown's blood was found inside Officer Wilson's car and on his gun. These reports lend credence to Wilson's statement that Brown fought him inside the police car. NOTHING that Brown did or did not do excuses the execution of the surrendered subject. Police have no right to shoot surrendered suspects like Lejoy Grissom or Michael Brown.

Grissom was fleeing from the scene of a robbery when he was chased by police and surrendered, yet cops executed him. Like Micheal Brown, Grissom had his hands up and fingers spread, but he was shot to death anyway. Luckily, there were witnesses to Grissom's execution.

Frances Prizzia, a defense attorney who said she was standing outside a nearby doughnut shop at the time of the incident, told the Associated Press that Grissom had his hands raised when he was shot.

Like most police officers, Culver City police made excuses for Grissom's murder. Culver City police said Grissom was reaching for his waist and they thought he would draw a gun. But the witnesses' statements contradicted the police account.

"He had his hands up the whole time, fingers open," Prizzia said. "There was no way he was reaching for anything.

"He absolutely did not move his hands," she said. "The only time he moved was when he reverberated from the bullets."

Report about the winning verdict

Early report about Grissom's death

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This article about Lejoy Grissom was updated on October 19, 2014, to show its similarity to the Micheal Brown murder.


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