Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drexler Wins Homeless Couple $4.1 Million Award: Shot 15 times by LA Sheriff Deputies

HOMELESS PEOPLE in America were determined by a federal judge to have full protections of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution against unreasonable searches. The excerpt below is from an article by Opposing Views reporter, Evan Bleier, dated August 15, 2013.
A Los Angeles homeless couple who was shot 15 times by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies while they were living in a shack was awarded $4.1 million by a federal judge.

Angel and Jennifer Lynn Mendez were in a shack in the backyard of a private Lancaster residence when two sheriff’s deputies, Christopher Conley and Jennifer Pederson Ballis, entered the dwelling. The deputies were looking for a parolee-at-large.

When the deputies entered the shack, they saw a BB gun that Angel kept to shoot rats and other pests. Conley yelled “Gun!” and the deputies started firing. Apparently they did not notice that Jennifer was five months pregnant.

Angel was shot 14 times and Jennifer was shot once. The parolee was not found on the property, The Los Angeles Times reported. The deputies did not have a warrant. 

“This is a landmark constitutional case,” said the couple’s attorney, David Drexler. “The case has far reaching implications for impoverished individuals to be protected from unlawful searches and use of excessive force by law enforcement.”

Congratulations to Angel and Jennifer Lynn Mendez and the law offices of David Drexler, 
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The link for the full Opposing Views article quoted above is

Congratulations to the federal judge who ruled that indigent people have rights, too. A surprising number of judges would disagree.


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