Monday, September 23, 2013

Truth for Legal Victor Johnnie Cochran

Revealing TRUTH for a legal victor! Do you know what is making its rounds at African Facebook groups? An interesting poster that is featured below, and I did not even start it (directly). I did add a comment several times: "Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory" .
Some may read it; others will wait for the movie.

Insider trading tip: The firm may not be worth much in a couple of months (or days, depending on how cooperative Facebook and other online media companies are with federal agents and how determined the censorship staff is). Most of its clients are people of color, and those who know are angry at the thought of Johnnie being mistreated (maybe murdered) and his legacy being misused to enrich racists at the expense of justice for the firm's clients. Of course, it may be different if I were the only one saying so, but there are numerous lawsuits against The [new] Cochran Firm alleging racism and fraud by former Cochran Firm attorneys and highly dissatisfied clients. Below is an NPR interview by Shawn Chapman Holley, who worked with Johnnie Cochran for 17 years, a this link:

Controversy at Cochran Law Firm
Shawn Chapman Holley — a former colleague of the late, famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran — is suing the law firm he made famous, claiming racial and gender discrimination, fraud and breach of contract. NPR's Tony Cox talks with Holley and her attorney, Dan Stormer, about the lawsuit, as well as Randy McMurray, managing partner of The Cochran law firm in Los Angeles.

McMurray, a former partner in the California office, spoke for The Cochran Firm on the Chapman-Holley interview at NPR. A few years later, McMurray also sued The Cochran Firm for fraud, racism and RICO Act Racketeering (he said a partner bought sex from the staff with corporate funds). Google "McMurray Mary Neal" to reach articles and a radio interview he did with Rev. Pinkney and me about his lawsuit on Blogtalkradio.

Congratulations, Johnnie. You are gone, but the truth is emerging. Finally. This writer published a blog to record lawsuits against The Cochran Firm filed by former clients and attorneys. Visit "Cochran Firm Fraud" 

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  1. Gee! The cyberstalkers moved the arrow to play the sound. They ran the link into the colon that preceded it to corrupt the link if you copy/share the article. Cyberstalkers are so good at following me over the Internet to censor my work, it seems they must be with the government. But why would the government help unethical lawyers? Could it be true that the unethical lawyers are CoIntelPro in the black community?

  2. I went into the article and did a couple of edits. We will see if "they" change it again. Imagine that.

    "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha

  3. I thought cyber stalking is supposed to be SECRET. It is not secret when stalkers change one's fonts, now is it. Tsk, tsk, NSA.

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