Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Robin Yeamans: Family Law Attorney, Human Rights Advocate

Attorney Robin Yeamans, a  family law and appellate law specialist, recently granted us a radio interview. She chose to discuss her pro bono work for homeless and mentally ill clients who use the legal clinic where she volunteers her services. Please listen to the broadcast:

"Human Rights for Prisoners March, January 7, 2014"

Robin Yemans, Attorney at Law
1484 Pollard Road #191, Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 867-8137
Website -

~San Jose Superior Court, Judge Pro Tempore, volunteer program, 1986 to present.
~Attorney specialist certified by the California State Bar Association Board of Legal Specialization

Family Law Specialist, 1980 to present.
Appellate Law Specialist, 2004 to present.

~Legal Aid Society of Sacramento, Attorney, 1970.
~Sacramento State University extension, Instructor of course titled "Women and Law," 1970.

~Stanford Law School, graduated 1969; member of the 1968 Stanford Law Review.
~University of Southern California, graduated 1966; Magna Cum Laude Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa.

United States Supreme Court
9th Circuit Court of Appeal
Federal Eastern, Southern, and Northern District Courts of Appeal of California

Special Award for Pro Bono Legal Services awarded by the Pro Bono Project of Santa Clara County for leading community efforts to reform family court in relation to abuse of women & children, 1997.

San Jose Mercury News Silver Pen Award, for letter headed "Children must Testify Against Molesters," 1984 (based on my helping a child testify in criminal court).
Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship, focus "Poverty Law," 1969

Robin has helped many a child whose parents are tangled in a California divorce law web, an adult who is fighting for custody of their kid, people undergoing the horrors of sexual abuse or domestic violence, etc. While handling cases involving juveniles who have been abused, child custody, sexual abuse and/or domestic violence, Robin has managed over the years to remain caring yet professional, with an attitude like the best of medical emergency room personnel. It is this combination of legal skill and professional commitment that places Robin at the top of her profession.

Read Robin Yeaman's entire background at the website

It is a Legal Victory when accomplished attorneys such as Robin Yeamans care about justice for our homeless and mentally ill people and donate time to ensuring their welfare. 

Call or write with information about legal victories you wish to highlight or (678) 531.0262.
Messages will be responded to within 24 hours, or please call again.
I endure First Amendment violations.


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